Windows Phone has a built in alarm that does the job well, should you be in the mood to get up in the morning that is. If you're looking for a slightly different experience and a more feature-rich alarm, then Ding may well be the solution. The free app offers more functionality than the system alarm app, with a more aesthetically pleasing interface and some Live Tile action.

Instead of simply offering up a list, Ding goes the extra mile to offer a more immersive experience. Dragging the clock hand around will set the alarm that will help get one up in the morning. The ability to disable / enable the alarm, as well as setting frequency is also available. A number of ringtones can be selected, including Nokia Alarm, which is available on Lumia Windows Phones for the core alarm app.

The theme of the app automatically adjusts depending on the set accent colour. As noted above, a Live Tile can be pinned to the start screen, which displays the status of the set alarm. A helpful tutorial page can be accessed within the app to show exactly how the app can be used, if you require some help getting started - but luckily the interface is fairly simple, clean and it's clear exactly how the thing operates.

App Ding

The app walkthrough appears to show multiple alarms set (dots indicating more than one can be configured), but we were unable to set up more than a single alarm. Hopefully, this will be added in the future. Also the Live Tile needs to be refreshed with high quality content, but it's a free app and we approve of the concept. There are a number of alarm apps available on the store, but we applaud the developer for an interesting take.

You can download Ding from the Windows Phone Store (only listed for Windows Phone 8) for free, which we're told is temporary.

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