Discovery News for Windows Phone

Discovery News has come out of the woodwork to release a new Windows Phone app, matching the Windows 8 one released sixteen months ago. In fact, both apps now seem to match up, which jives with the whole universal Windows apps model.

Perhaps even better than getting this official news app is that fact that it is stunning. Discovery News features some fantastic animations, smooth transitions, and it even leverages the universal Share picker for article sharing. Users can also toggle a light/dark mode for text in the articles. Here are some of the other features.

Discovery News for Windows Phone

  • New stories and videos added daily.
  • Awesome Categories: Earth, Space, Tech, Animals, History, Human and Adventure.
  • Video: Watch countless episodes of DNews and get the lowdown every weekday from hosts Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Trace Dominguez.
  • Photos: Swipe through a vast catalog of stunning photo galleries.
  • Discovernator: An endless supply of crazy, amazing facts so you can find out what you didn't know and impress your friends.
  • Live tile with featured stories
  • Pin to start: Pin your favorite Discovery News categories to the home screen for quick access

Overall, Discovery News represents the very best in Windows Phone app development, and you would be crazy to not download it. (And developers, you should look too and crib from this app's design)

Download Discovery News for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Download Discovery News for Windows 8.1 (Free)

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