Disintegration to cut multiplayer modes from all platforms by November

Disintegration (Image credit: V1 Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Disintegration, the RTS/FPS hybrid from V1 Interactive, is sunsetting its multiplayer modes.
  • This update is for all platforms, effectively rendering Disintegration multiplayer unplayable by Nov. 17.
  • According to V1 Interactive, the decision was made due to the fact the multiplayer did not garner much interest amongst fans.

Disintegration, the unique RTS/FPS hybrid game from the ex-Halo developer-led V1 Interactive, has had its multiplayer modes slashed from the game on all platforms in a surprise update on its blog. That means by Nov. 17, the multiplayer will be unplayable.

The news was delivered in a blog post from V1 Interactive, in which the developer stated that Disintegration "unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience" and that the decision to sunset the multiplayer was made after careful consideration.


Source: V1 Interactive (Image credit: Source: V1 Interactive)

The post says the removal will be done in "phases." Today, for example, the developers are removing the in-game store. It also mentions that the singleplayer will still be playable even after the full removal.

This news is, frankly, shocking considering the fact that the game has only been out for three months. In my review, I noted that the multiplayer was one of the best parts of the game. Therefore, I'm sad to see the multiplayer support go, especially this soon. Hopefully V1 Interactive can deliver a more successful game in the future.

Correction: We clarified that the multiplayer will be removed in phases, not immediately.

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