Dodo Pop

Disney continues to be a big supporter of Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, releasing new games on a regular basis. The latest such game is the free-to-play "match and collect" puzzle title Dodo Pop.

The game's premise is that you have to travel to tropical islands with the flightless Crash the dodo bird. You have to collect and match gumballs on each island and feed them to Crash so he can blow a big enough bubble to float him over to the next island. Here are the main features for Dodo Pop:

  • MATCH & POP bunches of colorful gumballs
  • EXPLORE 140 levels on tropical islands
  • COLLECT gumballs for Crash -- in cherry, apple and other fruity flavors!
  • POWER-UP with a Strike One and Rainbo
  • BREAK through obstacles like ice, locked gumballs, and giant gumballs in 7 different game types!
  • EARN 3 stars in each level to measure your mastery

Thanks to Aman for the tip!

QR: Dodo Pop

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