Disney will discontinue its Infinity sandbox game for PC and consoles. The company hasn't made a formal announcement, but did note the move in its financial earnings report for Q2 2016, also noting that the company will be exiting games publishing altogether.

Disney to discontinue Infinity, exit first-party game business

From Disney (via Infinity Inquirer):

By now you've heard the news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Disney Infinity. From the beginning, Disney Infinity was built for you—our fans—and I wanted to take a moment to thank you not just for your support over the years,m but for creating a community that made Disney Infinity more than just a game.

Disney had previously announced a lot of content for Infinity to arrive this year, and the company will still be releasing its Alice Through the Looking Glass playset later this month, and its Finding Dory set in June.

Games based on Disney properties are of course still expected from licensed third parties, particularly EA and the Star Wars franchise.

We expect Disney to provide further details soon.