Disney Solitaire

Last month Disney released Disney Solitaire for Windows 8 with word that a Windows Phone 8 version would be released soon. We are happy to report that "soon" happened today with the release of the Windows Phone 8 version of Disney Solitaire.

Disney Solitaire does feature saving your game progress to OneDrive, which will allow to pick up things where you left off from a Windows 8 device.

Disney Solitaire

The Windows Phone version of Disney Solitaire shares the same features as the Windows 8 version. Game play is centered around two Disney worlds, Peter Pan's Neverland and the Lion King's Pride Rock, and has two gaming modes (Adventure and Free Play).

Additional gaming features include:

  • 120 levels of game play
  • Classic music and clips from each movie
  • Unlock unique animated power-ups featuring your favorite characters such as Nala, the Lost Boys and more
  • Use in-game boosts to move past obstacles and the Adventure Mode levels

The only downside we can see to Disney Solitaire is that it lacks a trial version. Otherwise, it comes across as an entertaining game and a nice addition to the card game genre.

Disney Solitaire

The full version of Disney Solitaire is currently running $1.99 and the game is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can find Disney Solitaire here in the Windows Phone Store.

The Windows 8 version of Disney Solitaire is currently running $4.99 (no free trial here either) and you can pick that version up here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!

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