Where's My Mickey?

The festive season is well under way and what better way to keep the kids entertained than downloading free Disney games on their Windows Phones? The company has rounded up six Windows Phone games, making each one of them available for free. It's Disney's Season of Giving.

So which titles are you able to download? How do the likes of Where's My Water 2, Where's My Mickey and Monsters University sound? Think of this offer as a Disney's stocking filler, or possibly an advent calendar as you count down the days. Here are the Disney apps that are currently available for free:

This is a solid move by the company, offering ample entertainment for children at an exciting time of the year. As well as the links above, check out the QR codes below for more convenient access if you're on a PC or tablet. Thanks, pkwesi77, for the tip!

QR: Where's My Water? 2     QR: Where's My Mickey?

QR: Wreck-It Ralph     QR: Where's My Perry?

QR: Where's My Water?     QR: Monster University