Display Touch Glance

Yesterday we reported on Nokia making some changes to its Display + Touch settings area, where you can configure some options for the Glance screen, altering display properties and adjusting touch sensitivity. The company has split up the panorama panes into separate settings entries to help with familiarity and easier to notice when first using a Lumia Windows Phone. 

Today an update has been fired out stripping Display from Display + Touch, renaming it to Display and placing the entry on the main settings menu, mimicking yesterday's move. Display now sits comfortably with Glance and Touch offering a quick and convenient way to access all three without having to dive into a single area and swipe a million times, hoping for the best.

It's now less confusing to change options for your Windows Phone with more direct access to Touch, Glance and Display settings.

You can update your Display + touch on the Windows Phone Store or by scanning the below code. Thanks, Al, for the tip!

QR: Display + Touch