Disqus app for Windows Phone

Disqus has moved up from just being a system for comments to a community unto itself. They also have a very swanky and well supported Disqus app for Windows Phone, which just happens to be updated.

Version 2.5 of Disqus is now live in the Store, and we have the director's cut of the full changelog. Let's find out what is new.

Disqus version 2.5

New Features

  • New comment posting experience - this includes: Tools for formatting that pop up when selecting comment text - Preview tool for formatting - Simple undo function for formatting changes/image links 
  • Now you can Search for images to include in your comments - Simple Bing image search that will include an image URL in your comment. If the site allows media, this will appear as an image. 
  • Comment drafts saved even if you close the app 

Smaller Improvements:

  • Faster startup time 
  • Improved retrieval of content from external pages - This just means that you should get some content from certain sites where there was none before 
  • Added a counter for images in comments - This is so you know how many images are attached to a comment so you can flip through them 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where logout button wouldn't appear if you couldn't be authenticated 
  • Fixed bug where some images couldn't be opened 

Overall, those are some cool additions to an already great app. The ability to Bing search for a picture to include directly in your post should be a lot of fun. Likewise for the speed improvements and bug fixes, which are always welcomed.

Go ahead and grab the update and let us know what you think!

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