Disqus for Windows Phone

Disqus is one of those unique apps that launched on Windows Phone, but has yet to be released for competitor platforms. The app has been bumped to version 1.4 over the weekend, introducing some fixes and bundling a few changes here and there. If you're one to engage in discussion on numerous top blogs and news outlets, Disqus is definitely something worth checking out. So what's new in this release?

According to the recent changes page within the Disqus app, here's what we're looking at in version 1.4:

  • Fixed thread loading issue caused by changes to the API
  • New websites in the explore section, including ABC News and PC Magazine

Not a shabby update, especially if you've been experiencing problems when attempting to use the app. You can download Disqus from the Windows Phone store for free.

QR: Disqus