Disqus for Windows Phone snags new channels and home feed filters in latest update

Care to chat away with perfect strangers about technology or the hardships of love? Well, you're in luck on both counts with today's Disqus for Windows Phone update, which has added two new channels for those very topics, along with new filters for your home feed and more.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new and happenin' in Disqus version

  • New English-only Channels: Life Bits (technology) and Love Stinks (relationships)
  • You may now filter your Home Feed to show Latest discussions, Recommended and Comments from people and communities you follow
  • Added support for new discussion notification (Channel moderators only)
  • Updated translations
  • Small bug fixes

Additionally, we've been informed that the folks behind Disqus are planning on bringing the ability to create discussion from the app on channels, sort channel discussions by topic tags, and even more channel categories in future updates. Oh, and a universal Windows 10 app is in the works as well.

If you fancy grabbing today's update, or jumping in on Disqus for the first time, you can grab today's update from the store link below.

Download Disqus for Windows Phone (Free)

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