Divine Academy

Divine Academy has landed on Windows and Windows Phone. The title puts you in charge of making sure your citizens prosper by issuing orders to develop the metropolis, using spells to protect your people as well as deploying miracles, and of course hanging out with other gods.

The new title will not only task you with micromanaging your worshippers, but you'll also need to construct new buildings and explore ruins. Hidden treasures lie awaiting your arrival, while charismatic and interesting characters will keep you company throughout.

Unfortunately, we've noticed that a few consumers have reported issues with the title so here's hoping those are ironed out in an update. Will you care for your people, or will you wreak havoc? You can download Divine Academy for free using the links below.

Download Divine Academy for Windows

Download Divine Academy for Windows Phone

512MB RAM devices supported

QR: Divine Academy

Credit to Windowsphoneth for the heads up!