Want a DIY app maker for Windows Phone 7? Better yet, what is a DIY app maker?

To answer the latter, it's basically a program to write programs that assumes you know nothing about programming. Case in point: Google's Android App Inventor.

On the one hand, it's hella cool, especially if you're like us and know nothing about C#, XNA or Silverlight.

On the other hand, it results in things deemed 'crapps' by our esteemed colleague Phil (see above article).

One twist? We have an approval process in our app store, so more than likely the majority of 'crapps' won't be approved, but once we figure how to 'sideload' you can use your crapp...err app as you see fit and probably even share it.

All of this will soon be made possibly by Jay Desai who is in the middle of writing an app to do just what Google has done--though perhaps not as smooth. As of right now, the app is just a technical preview, yet it still has RSS Feeds, Facebook, Twitter feeds and may add YouTube and Flickr support in the future. This will allow you to write apps that interact with those feeds, making it pretty neat.

Sounds interesting? Try it right here though you'll need a password, since it's still in development: You can request a temp password via Twitter @desaij

Watch the video tutorial after the break.

[via 1800PocketPC]