DIY Dual Shot Lumia 920

We’ve seen quite a few projects come from our forums and the latest is from AccentAE86, who took the concept of Nokia’s “dual shot” Lumia 620 shell design and applied it to his Lumia 920.

For those who aren’t familiar, “dual shot”, especially on the Green Lumia 620, is actually a two-layer yellow and blue shell that results in a bright green color. It’s an interesting new design language that Nokia is evidently experimenting with and something we hope to see in future devices.

On the Lumia 920, Accent AE86 uses a spare shell, which is then sanded down and spray painted with a special paint called Duplicolor Metalcast. The colored paints are “transparent” and when red is added to a yellow shell, it causes it to turn orange. Throw in some clear coats, wet polishing and a nifty how-to video and you have yourself a serious DIY project.

DIY Dual Shot Lumia 920

If you thought changing the shell the on the Lumia 920 was enough of a project, we’re not sure doing this would much of an option—it looks quite time consuming and involved. Having said that, if anyone wants to open a small business by making and reselling these for the lazy, we’re sure many of you wouldn’t be opposed.

Head to our forums for the full discussion. Thanks, Muessig, for the tip!