Do you carry more than one phone? One in the left pocket and another one in the right pocket? That's a discussion going on right now at the WPCentral Off-topic lounge. Forum moderator, Guytronic, asks the question after a friend noticed him having a Lumia 635 in the right pocket and the Lumia 925 in the left. If you do carry more than one device, is it because of some sort of addiction or is it because of necessity?

While Guytronic carries both Windows Phone devices, others have responded carrying two phones with different platforms. For example, forum member, MSFTisMIA, admits to rocking the Nokia Lumia 925 and a Nexus 5 these days.

In addition to carrying more than one phone, others have also chimed in carrying a tablet with them daily. For example, Scienceguy _Labs says:

I carry a white 1520 and a white 1320 and an ASUS Vivotab Note 8 or an HP Elitepad 900 depending on the mood. Just to clarify. I teach 5th grade science, so all the electronics I carry around is part of my classroom act.

How about you? Do you carry more than one phone? Are they both Windows Phone devices or do you mix and match?