Are you willing to pay to play, or does a price tag on a game turn you off?

One of the biggest decisions a game developer, especially an independent one, needs to make is whether or not charge for their product. One way the other, they run risks.

A free, ad-supported game, can bring in more downloads, but runs the risk of annoying players. At the same time, a pay-to-play game seems like a sure way to limit the number of downloads you get. Of course, there’s always the in-game purchase route, but not all games lend themselves to that model.

We as consumers of mobile content are so used to getting it at no cost to them because most of the well-known apps are free, and if not, there’s usually some third-party app that does the same thing free of charge.

But the fact of the matter is that indie developers put a lot of time and effort into their product and need some financial motivation if they hope to continue creating for the rest of us. So what’s a dev to do?

Make your way over to our Windows Phone Central forums and help a game developer and fellow user understand how you feel about paying for games: