Lumia 929

The Lumia 929 (or Icon, as it's been referred as) is yet to be released by Nokia, but there have been numerous stories, rumours and leaks teasing consumers. Not only that, but China has already seen the Windows Phone be made available, even though it's a Verizon exclusive. The question we'd like to have you all answer is: will you be picking one up when it's eventually released? 

The handset itself is gorgeous from what we've seen thus far and with Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, we're certain to see something soon, whether it be an official announcement or unveiling of some sort. Back to the matter at hand, Mrlugo88 has asked the above question over on our community forum, whilst explaining his thoughts:

"I'll start by saying I'll be absolutely picking it up. It's an upgrade to my 928 that I've been waiting for. Some don't like the look but I love it. Some might not believe it, but I think this will be the only high end Windows phone we'll see on Verizon for a while so I'll be all over it. Again just my take."

So, what's your take? Are you going to be picking one up? We'll be sure to update you all as soon as we hear anything. For the time being head on over to our forum to get involved with the conversation: