If you're a phone geek like most of us at Windows Central, you'd be hard put not to at least be mildly intrigued by Samsung's impressive new GS8 smartphone. It's powerful, great looking and feature-packed. Hell, there's even a special "Microsoft Edition" of the phone.

The phone is undoubtedly going to draw a lot of people away from other platforms, including Windows Mobile, and also Apple's iOS. But what about you? Is the GS8 the phone that will finally draw you away from Windows Mobile?

Mark Kaplan

I got a hands on with the new S8 and honestly I'm not impressed. Unless your an Android fan, you wont like this phone. Windows Phone users are Windows Phone users for a reason. We like the integration into the ecosystem. Even while flawed, I prefer using Windows Mobile over either of the other 2 options. I came to Windows Mobile from Blackberry. I tried both iOS and Android and just could not...


If so, what specifically about the GS8 will cause you to jump ship? The specs? DeX? The drool-worthy design? A festering disgust with the sad state of Windows Mobile? Or the fact that the Windows phone community seems to be imploding?

Or will you, like Windows Central forum user Mark Kaplan, stick with Windows Mobile?

There's already a conversation going on in the forums. So pop on over and share your thoughts.