Notifications Center

Some may think this is a rhetorical question but there is a discussion going on in the Windows Phone Central Forums asking how much others are using the Notification Center with Windows Phone 8.1.

WPCentral Reader Blake Seaman presents the question and, not being not a social media user, found the Live Tiles were more than enough notification. Even pinning settings tiles to the Start Menu seemed to meet his needs.

The Notification Center may very well be the most asked for feature of Windows Phone 8.1. It not only gives you access to your most recent notifications but quick access to your Windows Phone settings. But, as Blake Seaman asks, do you really use it?

The responses in the discussion range from "very little" to "can't live without it". Some use it all the bloody time to check out banner notifications they have missed or easily access the settings. While the usage seems to vary, in just skimming the two pages of response I don't recall seeing anyone say the Notification Center is never used.

Personally, I no longer pin a Settings Live Tile and use the Notifications Center to access my settings and see the notification banners that I miss. I don't think a day goes by that I hear the notifications tone, grab my Windows Phone and as I turn it over to read the banner, it disappears. For me, the Notifications Center is an everyday tool for me.

So what do you say? If you've hopped on board with the Preview for Developers of Windows Phone 8.1, how are you liking the Notifications Center? Feel free to chime in below in the comments or join in on the Forums discussion from the link below.