Docker, the open source software that helps app developers by offering a way to test and run them in a container system, has announced it has launched its Windows client in an open beta.

The company previously launched a closed beta test for both the Windows and OS X clients earlier this year. Today, at its annual DockerCon in Seattle, it announced that 70,000 people had participated in the closed beta test.

Docker stated:

And along with the beta for Docker for Mac and Windows, you get the new Docker 1.12 release candidate. Docker 1.12 includes a number of advanced orchestration features most requested by the Docker community, while preserving Docker's ease of use. Starting with Docker 1.12, you will be able to natively deploy and manage not just containers but entire multi-tier distributed applications by creating a distributed application bundle.

Here's a quick look at some of Docker's features on Windows and Mac:

  • A faster and more reliable native development environment by using hypervisor support built into each platform. (No more VirtualBox!)
  • In-container debugging and development by improving volume support to automatically notify Docker Engine when a file changes and update it in the container. This allows you to get started developing with just a text editor and Docker, without having to install run-times and dependencies.
  • Native networking that lets Docker for Mac and Windows work easily with VPNs.

Download the Docker Open Beta for Windows