Do you need a simple game for your Windows Phone to help pass the time? Take a gander at EntwicklerX's Dodge These Balls.

The game set up for Dodge These Balls is simple. Your the red ball and you need to dodge the other balls that are bouncing around the screen. You move your ball around by tilting the phone up/down and side/side. The longer you survive, more balls are generated, increasing the challenges.

Follow the break to read more about this Windows Phone game and to catch a video of it in action.

The video really doesn't do the game justice.  It's a non-stop, attention grabber.  As the screen gets filled with additional balls, one glance away from the screen can cost you the game.

The game was stable but on incoming calls, it doesn't pause. For that matter, there isn't a way to pause the action at all. And with only one "life" in the game I can see this being somewhat frustrating if you make decent progress in the game.

Overall, I liked Dodge These Balls. It was entertaining, somewhat addictive game. Priced at $.99 Dodge These Balls is a good deal and if you're on the fence, there is a trial verson available.

You can find Dodge These Balls here (opens Zune desktop).