Is it raining where you are now, leaving you stuck in doors with nothing to do? Why not download the newly released game titled Dodger that's available for free just for today? It's a cute little indie game where the objective is to (surprisingly) dodge projectiles fired by enemies and ensure they target themselves. This involves a lot of finger swiping action to move around the screen but is good fun all the same.

High scores are supported so you can compete against your friends and two themes are available, a simplistic goo/cell look of both yourself and the enemies or a more detailed cartoon theme. Automatic saving is present in the feature list to prevent losing progress due to interruption (WP7 handsets are mobile phones after all - damn SMS and calls interrupting our games!).

Future updates will include more enemies and a better choice of themes. It's well worth checking out especially since it's costing you absolutely nothing at all. You can download Dodger from the Marketplace (Zune link).

Source: @Baracat_WP7