It might come as a surprise to you, but here at Windows Central we have a lot of Windows phones lying around. Some of them old, some of them new, and some were never even released. Regardless of all that, we've noticed a trend among some of them: really long shut down times.

It's not just us either, it appears our friends over on the forums encounter the same issues. It doesn't appear to matter what build of Windows or device you're using, sometimes your phone will just randomly take a long time to shut down, and in even rarer cases never shut down at all.

So we want to know, have you ever encountered a Windows phone that takes forever to shut off? Join in the conversation on our forums!


Can anyone tell me why it takes longer to shut down a Windows 10 Mobile Phone (950 XL, etc) than it does to shut a nuclear reactor down? I've tested multiple devices and even with hard resets, it takes forever for the devices to shut down. Does anyone know the reason behind this?


Windows 10 Mobile Devices and Shutting Down