Doodle Grub has been released to the Marketplace and takes the game of snake to a new level. Doodle Grub has enjoyed a good amount of success on the iPhone and Android platforms and in just tinkering with the trial version, it should do well on the Windows Phone platform.

Doodle Grub has you playing the role of a grub (or worm) that's squirming around the screen gobbling up apples and other items while avoiding various critters that are looking to eat you.  There are rotten apples lying about that will deduct points and golden apples that award extra points.  If you eat a lady bug, your grub gets a sharp set of spikes that can be used to take out your enemies.

Doodle Grub for Windows Phone

The game makes use of the Windows Phone tilt controls to move the worm around the screen. As you gobble up the apples, your body grows adding more challenge to avoiding the dangers of the game. If an enemy hits your worm's body, they'll gobble up a portion of your body. If they hit your head, game over.

There are eleven unlockable themes to Doodle Grub, each with unique backgrounds and dangers to avoid. The animations and graphics are really nice and game play challenging. In the short time I've had to tinker with Doodle Grub, I found it to be a fun (somewhat addictive) game to pass the time with.

There is a free trial version available for Doodle Grub with the full version running $1.99. You can find Doodle Grub here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Doodle Grub