Want to see the first real gameplay footage from the upcoming Doom reboot? Then check out the video above, but be quick. There's just a few seconds of footage from developer id Software's first person shooter but much more will be revealed on June 14.

The footage, as posted on Bethesda Softworks' YouTube page, shows a close-up of a two-barreled shotgun, presumably being used by the "Doom guy" to shoot creatures. We also get a quick glimpse of this game's version of the Revenant, one of the classic Doom monsters that is just muscle and bone with two large guns strapped on its shoulder.

Bethesda and id Software showed a teaser trailer for the new Doom game in June 2014, and in July, people who attended QuakeCon in Dallas got to see a few minutes of footage from the game. That footage was not released to the public, but Bethesda will finally show a lot more of Doom on June 14 as part of its E3 2015 press event in Los Angeles.

Source: Bethesda Softworks (YouTube)