Dropbox Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 has finally arrived, we're going to start seeing updates to a number of popular apps in the Windows 10 Store. Not wasting any time, developer Rudy Huyn took to Twitter to show off a new version of Dropbox that has been updated with some UI tweaks for Windows 10. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though the screenshots in the Windows 10 store have been updated quite yet, but Huyn did show off what you can expect with the screenshot above.

As Huyn notes in a subsequent tweet, this is still a Windows 8.1 app, and not a full Windows 10 app just yet because the Windows 10 SDK was just released to developers today. However, he says that users should notice a smaller font and icons, along with the elimination of the bottom bar.

Download Dropbox from the Windows Store

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)

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