DualCamPhoto is one of the more interesting Windows Phone 8 camera apps in that you capture photos using both the front and rear cameras with a single press of the shutter. DualCamPhoto was recently updated to version 2 and adds a nice set of features to the mix to give users a little more control over the end product.

You now have post editing capabilities with DualCamPhoto to allow users a choice in how their dual photos are presented. You have the traditional side-by-side plus picture-in-picture and a split image view.


Along with post editing features, the version 2.0 update also gives DualCamPhoto lens support to allow you to launch the app from within the Windows Phone 8 camera app. You can also open previously saved images from your Pictures Hub and edit the orientation.

It also appears that some of the stability issues we experienced during DualCamPhoto's review has been addressed in this update. In just tinkering with the app around the house, DualCamPhoto didn't lock up when transitioning between the two cameras. The transition seemed to be a lot smoother.

All totaled, the update gives DualCamPhoto a little more flexibility with the ability to edit the layout and easier access now being a Lens app.

DualCamPhoto is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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