For those of you still waiting on your NoDo, or even if you're just curious about those around you, you'll want to grab the new version of 'Dude, Where's my update?'. See our original coverage here.

How it works is you choose from a menu your regional location and phone type and the app does the rest. Showing your current OS version, if you have OS updates ready and now the stats. The stats, both local and global, are actually really neat. As you can see from the above pic, here in New York City there are already 40 users at 6am with the majority running 7004 and eight running 7390. Not bad, NYC, not bad. Scrolling down and you can even see what phones are popular in your area. (Hint: Samsung Focus owns in Manhattan)

We imagine if enough people use this, it can actually be a useful guide for garnering real numbers in your area. The app is of course free and we really dig the whole concept behind it, so endorsement or whatever. You can download it here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Alan, for the heads up