Dying Light: The Following, a massive expansion to the original zombie game, now has a release date of February 9 for the Xbox One and PC. Alongside the release date, a new trailer for the expansion has been released, giving a bit of a peek into the story you'll encounter as you explore a whole new region and get some background Kyle Crane's involvement with the Harran zombie outbreak.

The Following expansion adds a ton of new content in the form of a whole new region that is just as big as all the maps in the original Dying Light combined. There are also new weapons to get your hands on, including a crossbow and sub-machine gun. Vehicles also make an appearance to help you venture across the massive map.

While Dying Light: The Following won't be released until February 9, the expansion is also included with the season pass, which you can pick up for $30 on Steam of the Xbox Store at the links below.

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