Dragon Age: Inquisition

Good news if you've subscribed to EA's Access program. You can now play the Dragon Age: Inquisition trail for six hours starting today, ahead of the game's eventual release on November 18.

EA mentions that the game can be downloaded through the EA Access Hub app on Xbox One:

Members can download the trial through the EA Access Hub app on Xbox One, and play BioWare's epic new RPG for six hours. Use this time to create your hero, start your story, and explore the living, open world of Thedas. Or take on missions with your friends in Inquisition's cooperative multiplayer mode—the choice is yours.

The progress that you make during the early-access preview stage will be carried over to the actual game. EA Access members will also get a 10 percent discount while buying the game from the Xbox One Game Store.

Any EA Access subscribers interested in playing the game?

Source: EA