Electronic Arts, Inc. announced in a press release Tuesday that they will be acquiring mobile software developer Firemint.  Financial details about the deal are not being provided by either party, but it has been made clear that maker of popular games like Flight Control and Real Racing will continue to operate out of Australia.  In a post on their website, Firemint CEO Rob Murray, had this to say to those concerned about the acquisition:

I would forgive people for believing that we didn’t exist before Flight Control, but we’ve been in business since 1999. Before Flight Control and Real Racing, our greatest success was achieved making games for EA Mobile, games like Madden, Sims DJ and Need For Speed Most Wanted. We learned our skills working with the same people that we are partnering with today.

Murray also added, "we have an exciting slate and I think people will be pleasantly surprised with our games this year."  Though Firemint has made games for past versions of Windows Mobile, they have not produced in the WP7 department.  However, given EA's prolific work with Microsoft, this could very well change.

Electonic Arts recently acquired Mobile Post Production Inc., "the worldwide leader in high quality cross-platform development and porting of games for smartphones."  Coupled with the news able Firemint, EA is clearly throwing a huge hat into the mobile gaming ring.

Source: EA, Firemint; Via: AndroidCentral