EA studio Firemonkeys has announced that no more updates are coming to The Sims FreePlay on Windows Phone 8. We're pretty big fans of the game around here, so this is pretty sad news, and doesn't bode well for an eventual port of Firemonkeys' other major title, Real Racing 3.

The Sims FreePlay launched on Windows Phone less than a year ago. Obviously EA will continue publishing a huge selection of Windows Phone games, but the Sims is a venerable brand that should have stood the test of time on Microsoft's mobile platform. At least there's no indication that the game will be taken down or anything like that, but as time wears on and new devices come out, compatibility and stability may become issues.

How many of you guys enjoyed The Sims FreePlay? Did you ever pay anything for the in-app purchases?

Source: Firemonkeys; Thanks, rachael b., for the tip!