Announced at EA Play in London, EA wants to let all of its players in its major franchises to be able to join in the eSports competition, not just the pros. Alongside briefly talking about Madden 17 with its new way to play Franchise mode and new commentary team, EA has announced a trio of new competitive modes.

Oh, and the Madden 17 pro series will have a $1 million prize kitty, which is pretty amazing.

The first is Challenger. Here, players of all skill levels will be able to easily host and take part in online tournaments. Stepping up a little you have Premier, which are organized online events hosted by EA and some of its partners. At the top of the tree are the EA Majors, marquee, global live events hosted by EA with the world's top players taking part for big money prizes.

So, here's your chance if you were ever keen. Get practicing!