For those itching to take advantage of your Windows Home Server 2011 (aka 'Vail'), especially for add-ins like that cool Service Transfer Manager by Christof Rakowski, you'll be excited about this forthcoming app for your Windows Phone. [See our earlier coverage of Vail & Windows Phone compatibility]

First about Service Transfer Manager:

Server Transfer Manager is an automatic download client for Vail (Windows Home Server 2011), allowing the scheduling of uploads and downloads to the server from websites and FTP servers. The add-in will also be compatible with the forthcoming Windows Phone Server Transfer Manager which allows downloads to be controlled from a Windows Phone 7 device.

See where this is going? Pixel Valley has created an app for Windows Phone 7 called file:recon that serves as an interface for STM:

Simply put file:recon gives you control over all the features of the server addin. It's the power of the WHS 2011 Server Transfer-Manager on the palm of your hand. Wherever you might be.

That is

  • adding new up-/downloads with full html/ftp/filehoster support (filehosters will we added one by one)
  • editing transfers
  • schedule transfers

Sa-weet. The app is still in early design phase (and WHS 2011 was just released a few weeks ago) but Pixel Valley is aiming for a June release. We'll keep an eye out. See also our coverage of 'WHS Phone', available now, that allows streaming between your phone and server.

Source: Pixel Valley; via We Got Served; Thanks, HD7guy, for the tip!