Fans of NextGen Reader will be excited to know that the developer has completed v2.0 of the app, which will see it become Mango-fied, adding all sorts of neat new features sure to make this app even better. For those unfamiliar, NextGen is billed as one of "the fastest Google Reader clients" for Windows Phone. Indeed, due to its minimalist Metro design it's not only fast but is packed full of features.

We were able to play around with an early release of the app and have come away quite impressed. In addition to the Mango v2.0 update, there will be one more for NoDo users (v1.17) and he's already started on v2.1 for Mango. Check out the video above for our quick hands on and look for the final release to hit the Marketplace soon (we'll announce it). As to all the new Mango features in v2.x, here you go:

  • Support for Live Tiles.
  • Pin your favorite feeds or folder to your home screen.
  • Displays unread count and latest article on the back side.
  • New settings page with metro design.
  • Share status using phone or app accounts.
  • add your second twitter account in app.
  • Support for multitasking or fast application switching.
  • System tray is now visible at top.
  • Context menu's are back - just tap and hold.
  • New "system default" theme option.
  • New icons for read or unread button in article view.
  • Many more enhancements and over 15 bug fixes

For those who want to try v1.16 now for NoDo, grab it here in the Marketplace.