Back in October, we were happy to present to you an exclusive look at Shoot1UP from Mommy's Best Games but since then we haven't heard much on the title. The shoot 'em-up/bullet hell game brings some unique controls and exciting arcade gameplay to our trusty phones. Plus it comes with three free ringtones. Holla.

The game is here at E3, which is a bit of a pleasant surprise. What does that tell us? That this game is finally getting ready for its debut and we're stoked. The game should not be as hard as DoDonPachi which should be relief for many of you but it will still be challenging.

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Shoot1Up features dense, detailed graphics with smooth gameplay. There's a lot going on here both in terms of moves, skills and goals so it should keep many of us busy. Read our detailed write up about the style and features of this game for more info.