Xbox One

We know you're all excited to soon be able to pick up the Xbox One, power on the beast and smash some skulls in Ryze or net some superb shots in Fifa 14. Until the launch date comes around (November 22nd, should you require the friendly reminder), we've got some videos to keep us occupied, courtesy of owners who received their Xbox One units prematurely from retailers.

We recently looked at "Moonlight Swami," who received the console early and actually managed to get cracking, updating the console and signing in. Unfortunately, Microsoft banned his Xbox Live ID and has now prevented the console from being used - we suspect these restrictions will only be in place until the 22nd. Today there are a number of new videos showing off the Xbox One.

Here's a look at the hardware:

Moving onto the dashboard, which is where you'll spend most of the time when not running games or apps (unfortunately, they had their account banned too):

Finally the controller and headset:

Enjoy the videos while they remain published and available. We imagine Microsoft will be on the hunt to pull these down too. So, who's stoked about the Xbox One?

Source: NeoGAF, via: Kotaku