Finally! a quality sounding Nokia Monster headset! - My exact thoughts as I listened to a track straight from my own Lumia 920 paired to Nokia's Monster branded headset only a few moments before.

Here are MWC Nokia have announced a slew of accessories, mostly focussing arround the wireless charging being offered with the new Lumia 720 and 520. However there are also a few of the older accessories on show for us to try out, and despite the purity pro headset winning an award at CES, we haven't yet put the cups over our ears - that changed today.

Now the reason we haven't been rushing to try these is that the previous Nokia/Monster effort (wired) is honestly very underwhelming. I tried out that headset immediately before the Purity Pro's just to remind myself of why I wouldn't put down any kind of money for the admittedly striking headphones.

Then came the Purity Pro, and I came away very impressed. Immediately bluetooth pairing the device with NFC in a matter of seconds, I threw on one of my most listened to tracks of late so I had a valid reference point. Bass level was immersive and deep, mids were well balanaced and even the high-range was distinguishable (although not perfect).

Still, at $349 these are most certainly a luxury purchase (and you may want to ask yourself how comfortable you are wearing that money on your head), and they probably don't rival offerings from Beats or Sennheiser. Still, they look awesome, they pair in no time and if you've got the space cash down the back of your sofa cushion, you'll want to check them out.