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You know what hasn’t gone on sale in a while? Earthworm Jim. The last time it was the Xbox Live Deal of the Week was way back in April. Now it’s the Deal of the Week again, its price cut from $4.99 to $2.99.

The mobile version of Earthworm Jim comes from Gameloft, but it’s a far cry from the awesomeness of Let’s Golf 2. Earthworm Jim has some of the worst touch screen controls around, making it way less fun than it should be. Its Achievements are also quite tough and time consuming, but at least none of them are glitched (Ahem, Let’s Golf 2!). Despite those issues, I still had a decent time with Earthworm Jim because the original is such an off-kilter classic. See our full review for more details.

Earthworm Jim will be on sale for one week only. Pick it up here in the Marketplace – when the sale goes live Wednesday morning.

Earthworm Jim