The silly season is in full effect, when legitimate companies and patent trolls file lawsuits against much, much bigger fish.

First came i4i's suit in which a federal judge in Texas ruled that Microsoft must stop selling its Word software because it blatantly and willingly infringed on an XML patent. And Microsoft must pay $240 million.

Now, EMG Technology has filed federal suit in the same East Texas district that will hear just about any patent case, it seems, taking on Windows Mobile, an online brokerage firm and an airline. Reports Information Week:

EMG, meanwhile, contends that Microsoft's Windows CE, PocketPC, and Windows Mobile products infringe its patent for viewing Web content on a mobile device. EMG also lists investment broker Scottrade and Southwest Airlines in its complaint.

The patents in question are 7,441,196 (Apparatus and Method of Manipulating a Region on a Wireless Device Screen) and 7,020,845 (Navigating Internet Content on a Television using a simplified Interface and a Remote Control).

TG Daily translates for us:

EMG alleges that Microsoft breaches the patents in operating system software including Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Scottrade is alleged to have breached the patent by providing financial and stock market information on mobile devices. Southwest, it's said, breaches the patents by allowing customers to book travel and cargo services reformatted for a small screen.

Welp, folks, that's it for Microsoft. Stick a fork in 'em. They're done. Let's all buy iPhones. No way they'll survive th- ... Wait, what's that? More money than who? Oh, OK.