We received several tips to take a look at the Windows Phone app easyRing. So we did.

easyRing is a ringtone app for Windows Phones running Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) that taps into millions of free and legally obtained mp3 tones that are on Amazon.com and Mobiles24.com.

easyRing lays everything out nicely with a page to search ringtones by keyword or browse by about a dozen categories. Once you find a ringtone you are interested in, there are two button controls at the bottom of the page. One to preview the tone and one to download it to your phone.

Once you've downloaded a few tones, you can review what you've collected through easyRing from the Downloaded page and save them to your phone or delete them from your collection.  Once saved to the phone you can find them under settings>ringtones+sounds as a custom ringtone.

The ringtones range from Bollywood tunes to Funny tunes to Video Game Music tunes. It's a decent collection of ringtones and you only download the tones you want. There is a free trial version available for easyRing that will let you search and preview the tones but to download the tunes, you'll need the $.99 full version.

You can find easyRing over here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Update:  We recieved a little clarification on the trial version limitations.  Here's what easyRing's support had to offer,

The trial version allows you to search and download unlimited mp3 files. But to install those as your ringtones you need to copy them to the tone folder, and you are allowed 3 times with the trial. In another word, you can freely search, download and listen but can have only 3 ringtones installed.