EE plans to launch the UK's first LTE network on October 30th, according to a press release which was sent out today. EE, along with UK carriers, have only just reached an agreement with Ofcom and the government to bring forward the launch of multi-carrier 4G launches, which will take place in spring 2013.

As revealed at the recent EE conference, the carrier expects to cover 16 cities by the end of this year, launching in 10 on October 30th - a strong lead on competition in the industry. The full statement from EE CEO Olaf Swantee reads as follows:

"We are delighted to announce that the official launch of our new customer brand, EE, offering the UK’s first superfast mobile 4G and fibre broadband service, will take place on the 30th October 2012.

This is a significant milestone for the United Kingdom, and for the people and businesses of our country who will now be able to enjoy the huge advantages of superfast 4G technology for the first time. We are very proud to be pioneering, innovating and leading our industry in launching 4G for our nation through our new EE brand."

EE Roll out

The 16 cities for 2012 LTE coverage

The carrier will be sporting the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 at launch, with both being fully equipped to handle the increased speeds from the 4G upgrade, according to the EE press release.