Lumia 625

EE has announced plans to stock the Lumia 625, which was announced by Nokia yesterday in London. As well as taking up the most affordable 4G Windows Phone, the UK mobile operator has also expanded its LTE coverage to cover a further 10 locations. It makes perfect sense for the network to really take advantage of the cheaper 4G option to offer a more cost-effective solution to customers.

The company has turned on 4G connectivity in Altrincham, Bedford, Camberley, Crawley, Farnborough, Farnham, Maidstone, Rochdale, Tonbridge and Welwyn Garden City. EE now reports that it covers the homes and businesses of almost 60% of the UK population with 4G. That's not a bad roll out speed, it will be interesting to see how other UK providers can catch up when upgrading respective networks.

As well as EE, the Lumia 625 will also be available on Orange and T-Mobile brands. Here's what Nicola Shenton, Head of Devices at EE had to say on the Nokia Windows Phone:

"4G is incredibly important for the future of mobile in the UK, and EE is at the forefront. With the new Lumia 625, Nokia is helping to bring even more affordable, quality 4G devices to the market which will ensure 4G experiences are available to a broader audience."

Pricing and availability will be announced in the near future.