This is describable in one word: awesome. Seriously, Windows 8, coupled with this and your Windows Phone handset, you'll have more tiles in your life than every DIY store in the world. DeviantART author ~flatmo1 has created this magic that is a simple reflection on the proposed look of Windows 8. You can pin a number of favourite sites or bookmarks to the homepage by simply editing a JS file (source.js).

Images for the logos are all loaded from a sub-folder so you can add what ever images you wish to have displayed per tile (make sure they're the dimensions stated in the sketch.jpg file) - same with gradients. Save the downloaded folder somewhere on your hard drive (or upload it to your web accessible server) and open up the index file in your browser. This works for Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer so you can have all your web browsers running off the same home screen and you'd only need to update once for changes to be reflected across board. Neat, eh?

To change images and links, all you need to do is open up source.js and change the lines corresponding to the tiles you wish to alter (numbers can be found in the sketch.jpg).

We've also compiled WPCentral tiles for you to use when customising this localised homepage. All dimensions are available in the folder so there's a tile for every placement. You can download the variety of WPCentral images here (mirror), but you'll need either the default package with WPCentral tile replacing iTunes or the default EIGHT home page here with no alterations at all. All we need now are tiles that will update to mimic live tiles found on WP7.

Source: DeviantART, via: @antibenz