Elder Scrolls Online

A recent status update from Elder Scrolls Online developer Bethesda says the fantasy MMO is "playable and fun" on Xbox One, but not ready for primetime yet. Back in May, they said the launch would be delayed about six months. It's looking to be at least seven, as Bethesda says we won't hear anything more until 2015. At the very least, anybody who bought the game for PC before June will be able to port their characters to consoles for $20.

Though we're no closer to a specific launch date, the devs have mentioned that the interface has been overhauled for the big screen, and native XBL voice chat will be supported. Justice and Champion systems should also be in place for the Xbox One launch.

Delays suck, but ESO may very well be worth the wait. I played the beta on PC, and even in those early days, the game showed a lot of promise for fans of high fantasy.

The hard sell is the recurring monthly subscription fee; how many of you guys would be willing to shell out $15/month for Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One? Do MMOs have a real shot at success on consoles?

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