This March 11, PC and Xbox One gamers around the globe will be suiting up for Titanfall; the game that will mark the largest launch thus far for Microsoft’s Xbox One console library. Unfortunately, if you live in South Africa and have preordered Titanfall, you will not actually get to play it, as Electronic Arts has canceled the game’s launch there.

If you preordered the game via Origin in South Africa, you will be receiving an email stating that the Titanfall team has “decided not to releases Titanfall there at this time”. The email cites that after conducting internet testing, the team has determined that the available internet would not be fast enough to “guarantee a great experience.”

For those wondering, only PC orders for Titanfall in South Africa have been canceled – Xbox One has yet to launch within the country.

Do we have any readers from South Africa that preordered Titanfall for their PC?

Source: MP1ST; via Neowin