Elite Dangerous Xbox One

Xbox One owners will be able to officially purchase and download Elite: Dangerous, the massively multiplayer space sim from Frontier Developments, on October 6. The game has been available since June as part of the Xbox One's Game Preview Program for the price of $30.99, with a free trial.

The game's official release date was revealed by Frontier Development's CEO David Braben in a recent Reddit AMA session. He also confirmed that people who have played the game during the preview stage won't see their ships or modules carried over to the final version, although they will still get the equivalent in-game cash value of those items in their accounts. They will also get an unspecified reward if they continue to play the game when it officially launches. The final price of the game has yet to be revealed, but it is expected to be higher than the preview version. Account transfers from the PC version to the Xbox One may be added sometime in the future.

Frontier recently announced plans for a PC expansion pack for Elite: Dangerous called Horizons. It will launch later in 2015 and will, among other things, add a way for players to actually land and explore air-free planets from the ground. Braben said Horizons will be released for the Xbox One version, but added it may be a while before it's available to those players compared to the PC version.

Source: Reddit; Via: Videogamer.com