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Image from the WSJ Live interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

In an online video interview just posted to WSJ Live, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop discusses Nokia’s strategy going forward with Windows Phone, their regular phone business and what to expect tomorrow.

While no specifics were revealed, it has been confirmed that Nokia will be showing off a fully-functional Windows Phone 8 OS on their new devices—rubbing the point home that Samsung was unable to do this just a week ago. From the interview..

“Any company can choose to stand up and hold a device and say “We’re launching it”. We’re proud, tomorrow, to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled”

Elop also drives the point home that they will be unveiling new consumer features in their hardware not done by other Windows Phone vendors, nor even Apple—an experience that they need to “break through” to consumers but are confident that they can.

Finally, Elop mentions how these will be the first devices where you see Nokia’s research and development (R&D) team's “full power” brought to consumers, things that have been “years in the making”.

Needless to say, we’re excited and are ready to be impressed. Tune into Windows Phone Central early tomorrow morning for our live coverage of the Nokia event as we’re on location in NYC.

Source: WSJ Live; Thanks, TheAsbo, for the tip