Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has hinted in an interview with CNET that the Finnish company could be planning a flagship Windows Phone for US carrier Verizon. Much like the Lumia 920 deal with AT&T (and EE here in the UK), Nokia may have a device in the works that could well be exclusive to Verizon.

When asked if Nokia has a flagship phone for Verizon in the works, Elop responded with the following:

"We are planning a lot of exciting things with Verizon as well."

Elop also expanded on exclusivity deals that are being signed and why they're being favoured over mass availability:

"One of the things we had learned with the first launch was being very narrow would yield better results for us. We take a product and go exclusive with a particular carrier. In a market where subsidy and marketing dollars are heavy, we encourage them to promote it as a hero product, and use the subsidy to drive down the pricing to a competitive point. It also gives you access to in-store resources."

We know many would disagree with exclusivity pacts, but should a carrier actively promote the hero smartphone it can't be all bad for Nokia? The Lumia 920 has sold well with AT&T (according to all the reports on low stock), but until we see definite digits in a report, we're yet to know just how effective exclusive deals are for the company's Windows Phones.

We're yet to hear confirmation that a flagship Windows Phone is on the table for Verizon (or another US carrier), but if what Elop says becomes reality then we could see US subscribers on networks battling AT&T able to get their paws on an exclusive product. What that flagship handset could be is anyones guess. Lumia 922 anyone?

Be sure to read up on the full interview with CNET.

Source: CNET, via: StreetInsider; thanks, zyran, for the tip!