According to Engadget, Microsoft has announced Windows Mobile 6 (I'd pegged that announcement for the 3GSM conference next week). Perhaps they just announced it to Engadget, though, as I'm having a tough time just this second finding any corroboration.

Well, there is this article at InfoWorld which may back up the announcement claim - given that it mentions some of the same features that are listed in the Engadget post. On the other hand, the InfoWorld liberally quotes Rob Enderle - and you Mac fans know that's probably not a good sign.

Ok, I'll quit being grumpy. Windows Moblie 6 (aka Crossbow) does look like it has a few nice incremental upgrades - like full office in the smartphone version and HTML rendering in emails (and a 'calendar ribbon' that might actually keep from stabbing myself in the eye when I try to find an appointment). I'll we wanting it as soon as I can get it.

Microsoft's finally ready to take the wraps off Windows Mobile 6, the long-awaited successor to Windows Mobile 5 (what else?) that's been baking in the oven for a while now as "Crossbow." The platform formerly known as Pocket PC Phone Edition has become Windows Mobile 6 "Professional," while its more pocketable little brother, the Smartphone, has become "Standard" and plain ol' Pocket PCs are "Classic."

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